Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yuri Arajs print available to support artists who have experienced homelessness

Hi Friends.

I was recently inspired when I heard, from my mom, about an organization called The Pivot Legal Society in Vancouver. They do great work on behalf of the homeless including the new Red Tent campaign. They will be using red tents to visually bring awareness to the issue to the world media in Vancouver from Feb 12 - 28, 2010. A very important time to be doing this. Visit their website and learn more about what great work they are doing.

So I decided to make this limited edition piece of art to raise awareness and money to support this cause, plus a little more. First, I hope to do is raise enough money to give a $500 donation to the Pivot Legal Society's Red Tent campaign. Second, to buy $1,000 worth of art supplies and distribute it directly to artists in my community who are homeless or have experienced homelessness.

For just $25, you can help me achieve this and get a piece of my art as well!

Artwork information:

Title: Red Tent 212282010
Medium: Two color silk screen, grease crayon, ink
Paper size: 8.5" x 11"
Edition size: 125, Signed and numbered
Price: $25 US or CAN
Shipping $5 Anywhere in US or Canada

Payment: customers in Canada - Paypal, check, cash. customers in US - Paypal, cash.

To buy, simply reply to this email with the following information:
1. How many prints you want.
2. Your complete name and mailing address. Unless it is not being mailed. Then just your name.
3. How you would like to pay. If by Paypal, please include your account name and I will send you an invoice there.
You will receive a confirmation email from me which will include a mailing address to mail cash or check if you are paying that way.

Thank you for supporting my ideas, the arts and the homeless in my community.

Yuri Arajs

And feel free to pass this email onto your friends!

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