Thursday, October 18, 2007

Amy Rice and Jennifer Davis at the Birchwood, Mpls

Delightful 3
Amy Rice and Jennifer Davis at the Birchwood, Mpls
Through Nov 2007
From the Birchwood website:
"Mixed media artists Jennifer Davis and Amy Rice both create narrative images that delight and surprise. In August of 2006 they premiered a series of paintings and collages based on their mutual admiration of and inspiration garnered from each others work. In the show (Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis), entitled "Delightful", each artist used elements from the others artwork to create a new piece. An additional work was created using the original "collaborative" piece and so on and so on creating a visual dialogue in paintings and mixed media pieces that were new, yet familiar. The show was a local favorite receiving "delightful" reviews from every major local print media. While this first show had been over a year in the making and included a staggering amount of work produced, both Davis and Rice stated they felt like they were just getting warmed up and in August of 2007 "Delightful Too" continued this visual dialogue at Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta, GA."
This marks the third istallment in the ongoing series.

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